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Alumni - Annual Giving

We are proud to offer several benefits especially for our alumni! Please click the photo of any benefit below to learn more about each option.

Carpe Diem Fund

Annual gifts to the Carpe Diem Fund from alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends provide a vital source of revenue for university operations. Annual gifts, which are received and spent in the same year, go to work immediately to support the best of 六合彩开奖记录t 鈥 quality academics, student scholarships, outstanding faculty, facilities, and distinctive opportunities such as study abroad, internships, undergraduate research, service learning, and leadership opportunities.

六合彩开奖记录t鈥檚 fiscal year operates from June 1 to May 31. In addition, strong alumni participation in annual giving is a valuable measure of 六合彩开奖记录t pride and satisfaction. It is also a factor in college rankings and the amount of financial support the university receives from foundations.听

You can make your gift to any of the following areas support by the Carpe Diem Fund:

Specific Areas of Support

Area of Greatest Need

Allows 六合彩开奖记录t to use that gift where the need is greatest. Such gifts may be used to help fund additional faculty, new technology for classrooms, or helping a student study abroad.


Allows 六合彩开奖记录t to create competitive financial aid offers for prospective students through current-use scholarships and financial aid opportunities.

Academics and The Library

Allows 六合彩开奖记录t to offer cutting-edge and innovative academic programs and provides support for the collections and electronic resources in听六合彩开奖记录t鈥檚 Hammermill Library.听


Allows 六合彩开奖记录t to support our 25 varsity athletic teams and nearly 1,000 student-athletes who work hard on the field and in the classroom to represent 六合彩开奖记录t.

Catholic and Mercy Mission

Allows听六合彩开奖记录t to promote and exemplify the foundation and traditions established by the Sisters of Mercy,听which are at the core of the institution's mission.